What a difference a year makes!

I forgot all about this blog until I showed a coworker pictures of my new baby and she suggested I start a blog.  A blog you say?  Well I already have one!

On July 15, 2011, after a long week of attempting to induce me due to the fact that I had tested positive for pre-eclampsia, Oliver Reid Wong was welcomed into the world at 6:59pm via an emergency c-section.  8lbs 20.5′.



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So on my last day in Phoenix, I had to pick up some remaining items from my apartment and clean before I turned the keys in. It was 115° outside when I arrived and a surprise was waiting for me inside. The air conditioning would not work AT all. Wouldn’t even kick on. So needless to say, I performed the fastest, crappiest cleaning job I’ve ever done. My parents and husband were with me so luckily we got everything cleaned and removed from the apartment in 30 minutes. Definitely looking forward to the weather in San Francisco after today.

Bye bye, Sonoran Vista!

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Great news!

Met with the movers today to get the quote. After measuring the couch and providing the measurements of our new doorway, they are confident we can fit the couch into the new place.

Now I realize it’s just a couch, but I’m so happy it looks like it will fit and we won’t need to bother with selling it and finding a new one.

Izzie will be very happy too as it really is HER couch. She just lets us use it sometimes.

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Leaving Phoenix

After living in Phoenix for 14 years, I’m moving to San Francisco with my husband.  Gave notice at my job of 13 years on August 2nd and will be packing up and heading to the Bay area on August 13th.

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